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Product Description

The REVO SC-2 preamplifier combines pure and elegant style with refined technology. Entirely remote-controlled, the REVO SC-2 uses an exclusive volume control system called P.D.A.A. (Programmable Digital Analogue Attenuation). It is realized only with discrete components, relays and precision resistors, and offers an attenuation range of 127.5 dB in 0.5 dB steps. Input and output selection is made by high quality relays.

Accordingly to Norma’s own Sound Philosophy of best neutrality and transparency of signal treatment, the SC-2 offers the possibility to choose between Active and Passive mode. (Easily operable also via Remote Control).

Disclaimer: Norma Audio reserves the right to change specification without notice.

Technical Specifications

Diving down into the details

Brand Norma Audio
Input 4 RCA, 2 XLR Balanced, Optional Phono at INPUT 1
Input Impedance 47Kohm (not selected input) / 10 Kohm (Selected Input)
Input Configuration Phono MM/MC, Line, Balanced, Multichannel & DAC option
Output 1 RCA, 1 XLR Balanced
Output Impedance 220 ohm
Output Voltage 7.5 V r.m.s.
Frequency Response 0 Hz – 2.0 MHz (-3dB, non filtered)
Gain 17.5 dB Active mode, 0 dB Passive mode
Circuitation Solid state, Dual Mono, hi speed, low noise
Supply 230 V AC / 50 Hz (100V AC or 115 VAC / 50-60Hz in some countries)
Dimensions (HxWxD) 110 x 430 x 365 mm
Weight 15 Kg
Note Stereophonic Preamplifier completely RC