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Product Description

For many years NORMA has been studying ways to offer the highest possible quality products, including digital sources. It is a common experience, in fact, that the sound of digital sources is often (though not always) of low quality and inferior to the best analogue sources. The opinion was formed that the fault is attributable to the CD standard (16-bit 44.100 kHz). But this is not completely true. If on the one hand, the high definition sources (SACD, DVD-AUDIO, PC FILE) are potentially superior to the CD, on the other hand, the real reason for the bad sound derives substantially from how the CD Players are made. The CD Player is the result of twenty years of NORMA experience in the production of analogue audio at the highest levels. Everything is designed to extract, respect and reproduce information that already exists on the CD.

Listening to a NORMA CD Player will surprise you when you hear the sound from CDs you think you already know. Firstly, the typical harshness of digital sound are missing, but at the same time you can find much more information and a lot more dynamics. All this happens without listening fatigue, but rather with a sense of neutrality and a surprising lack of artificiality. But perhaps even more spectacular is the reproduction of the soundstage. The NORMA CD Player does not rebuild an artificial sound image, but really makes the listener feel the original ambience of the place where the CD was recorded. Anyone who has had the opportunity to listen to a Norma CD player has always reached the conclusion that, finally, a heavy curtain has been lifted over music. Now it’s like being seated in the front row and finally having the whole expressive palette available!

Disclaimer: Norma Audio reserves the right to change specification without notice.

Technical Specifications

Diving down into the details

Model: NORMA Proprietary DAC, A-DAC model 1
Symmetrical Bipolar: Symmetrical Bipolar, Zero Feedback Topology
Current Output: Ground Zero Reference, Balanced Current Output
Adaptive Compensation: Thermal Adaptive Compensation
I2S Format: 384 – 768 KHz
I-V conversion architecture: Proprietary I-V conversion architecture
Semiconductors: Selected and matched semiconductors for left and right channels
Analog output: Analog output stage fully based on discrete components
Band Circuit Technology: Extreme low noise, high speed, wide band circuit topology ( >2 MHz )
Resolution: Very high resolution digital source, but never artificial
Direct Coupling: Dc coupled, for best sonic performances
Sound Stage: Excellent Sound Stage
Output connections: RCA (Unbalanced) and XLR (Balanced) output connections
Power supply: Separate for Digital and Analog sections
Filtering capacity: High filtering capacity with several low impedance capacitors
Power Supply Regulators: 24 Power supply regulators
Chassis: Full aluminium non-magnetic chassis
Transformer: Toroidal power transformer designed for audio applications
Controls: Remote, machined from a solid block of aluminium, controls all the functions