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AGD Duet

Product Description

The AGD DUET MONOBLOCK uses the same fundamental technology pioneered with the AGD Gran Vivace, AGD TEMPO, AGD AUDION, the first true Hi-End amplifiers based on Gallium Nitride power MOSFET

With the AGD DUET, we have extended the use of the most advance power semiconductor, GaN MOSFET, also to the power supply stage, enabling an increased output power rating and efficiency.

The NEW GaN-Power output stage, based on a new set of discrete high voltage GaN MOSFETs, can operate up to 800kHz and at elevated slew-rates delivering the most sublime sound thanks to its ideal “by the book” oscillations-free switching performances.

Technical Specifications

Diving down into the details

Nominal Output, 20Hz÷20KHz, 4Ω 300W
THD+N 10W/1KHz <0.005%
Maximum Output Power at 0.1% THD+N, 1KHz, 8Ω 150W
Audio Bandwidth ±0.5dB 20Hz-20KHz
Bandwidth ±3dB 5Hz-80KHz
Input Impedance 40kOhm (600Ohm upon request)
GaN Power Module PWM Frequency ~800kHz
Dimensions 10×5.6×4.0in (254x142x100mm)
Weight 8.25lbs (3.75kg)
Input Voltage 110-240V (Auto-Switch)